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I am an artist who happens to have autism. I love to create whether it's drawing, painting, clay, paper, found objects, sculpture, writing, acting or photography. I have recieved many honors and awards for my work. Several blue ribbons in a multiple of categories at the Minnesota State Fair, Gold, Silver and Honorable Mentions for the Minnesota Scholastic art and writing competition, National Scholastic Gold Medal for sculpture, and now a VSA Emerging Young Artists - A Jean Kennedy Smith Arts and Disability Program. http://education.kennedy-center.org//education/vsa/programs/emergingartist.cfm

Artist Statement

I have autism and I see the world very differently than most. I notice the smallest details that most people ignore – people have a tendency to ignore me because I have a disability. One way I see myself existing in this world is by capturing my reflection in everyday scenarios. Because my autism can be a barrier for me to relate to the “normal” world, when I capture my reflection in a window, the glass acts as a barrier to whatever is behind the window. In my artwork, the thing behind the reflection is my representation of the normal world and I am caught in another plane that runs parallel to the world in which everyone else lives. By capturing my image in this “in between” state, I’m re-inventing myself in a way that the outside world cannot ignore me anymore. By looking at my work, I am present in their world. Being present is what motivates me to create.

Harrison’s message to teachers